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How to Join Amazon Associates Program and make money making sales
There are lots of opportunities to many money on the web from home but everyone doesn't know about them. As you that at present we are able to order and get anything at home without doing any hard work, you just need money to invest and a Phone/PC to order anything like - Gadgets, Garments, Tools, Books etc. These items are sold by E-commerce companies

What is E-commerce company ?
E-commerce company is a company that deals in products or services online without direct interaction. E-commerce company doesn't make products, it sells the products of various companies and gets commission on every successful sale. E-commerce company deals with the productive company and promote the products and services on its website. You must have heard the name of some E-commerce companies like - Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Commission Junction (CJ), Naaptol, eBay etc.

How to join Amazon Associate Program ?

Today I'll be talking on Amazon that is surely the top E-commerce company sells millions of products and services. Amazon offers its Associate Program by which publishers can make smart income  from home promoting Amazon products on Social Networks, Blog, YouTube channel. First of all we need to how to become Amazon Associate. Follow the instructions and join it successfully : -

#1  Search 'Amazon Associates' or open this URL and click on 'Join Now for free' and register with your Email ID and preferred password.

#2  Now fill your account information like Name, Address, Phone number and let other options as you are seeing below.

#3  Where you're seeing written Enter your website(s)* you can write/paste the link of your facebook page/YouTube channel/Blog/Website there.

#4  Write your preferred Associates Store ID (You may consist your name, it'll be yours if available). Write the description of your site/page/channel in about 100 words under the box What are your websites or mobile apps about?*

#5  Select primary & secondary topic that describe your site/page/channel. Select all boxes to intend all items to be listed on your site/channel/page. Select primary and secondary type for your site that describe the best. Give details how you drive traffic to your site/page/channel. Type characters you're seeing in the image to verify that you're a human not a robot. Accept the terms & conditions of Contract Terms.

#6  Now you'll see a Congrats ! notification from the side of Amazon Company in you are informed to be active with your Associate account. If you don't refer a sale within 6 months your account will be closed. See that notification below.

Now, it remains the last one step that you can fill anytime before or after making Amazon sales in that you have to fill your PAN card details. Providing PAN card details are necessary to get payments.

How to refer Amazon sales ?

To make sales log in to your Associate account and follow the instructions as given below.

Product Linking -> Product Links -> (Search any product you want to sale) ->  Get link -> (Copy the HTML code and paste on your site Or click on Shorten URL with -> (Copy the link) -> (Paste it on your Blog/Website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and other Social Networks.

You will get commission on every sale from Amazon. The commission is paid in percent according to the product. You can see your earnings on the home page of your Associate account like this image.

Hope you have understood all about Amazon Associates Program and wish you happy earning. If you have any queries or suggestions, let me know in the comments; I'll be happy to reply you. Thank You

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Top 30 WhatsApp tricks | WhatsApp tips and tricks | WhatsApp hidden secrets
WhatsApp is a very popular social network by which millions of people chat and share files and make voice and video calls to interact with others. There were two friends of USA who developed WhatsApp but later when it became so popular amongst the people Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg purchased it and now WhatsApp is called a Facebook's service. If you want to check how many people are using WhatsApp you can go to PlayStore and see WhatsApp 'Downloads' and its rating. I would like to clear a thing here that how many downloads you are seeing on PlayStore are not the real number of WhatsApp users because only 5-10% people download an app and others get it via 'file transfer'.

Today we will discuss WhatsApp's secrets those aren't familiar to everyone. Maybe some of them you know very well but mostly are unknown to you. So let's get started one by one : -

1) Archive Chat

If you want to hide a personal chat that you don't want to show anyone then you can do it. Long press a chat and click on archive icon, doing this will hide/disappear the chat. You can reappear it whenever you want. Just go to the bottom of your chats, you will see archived chats with number of chats, click on it and again long press the chat and click on archive icon once again. Chat will reappear in chat list as usual.

2. Blank Text

To send a blank message type `    three times in the beginning and leaving space according to your choice again type(') three times.

Another way to send blank message -  Download an app from PlayStore namely 'Blank Text' it will help you to send blank text in WhatsApp.

3. Block and unblock contacts

If you don't want to receive the messages from any particular contact then you have an option to stop receiving messages. Open your chat list, click on three dots next to search icon   -> Settings Accounts -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts -> Click on Add icon (Right side on the top) -> Select the contacts which you want to block.

If you want to unblock someone, go to blocked contacts -> Long press the contact -> Click on three dots -> Unblock.

4. Chat without adding number

If you want to start chat with someone without adding his number on your WhatsApp then you will have to download 'WhatsMe' it will help you to chat without adding number.

5. Double WhatsApp in Single Phone

If you want to run two WhatsApp accounts in a single phone then you will have to download 'Parallel Space' by which you can run double whatsapp, facebook and other social accounts.

6. Custom Notification

If you have number of contacts but you don't want to miss the personal messages sent by your close friends and relatives then you can set custom notification tone on them. Click on an individual chat -> Click on contact name/number -> Custom notifications -> Check the box 'Use custom notifications' -> Notification tone -> Set your desired tone.

You can also use 'Popup notification' that will show the messages on the middle screen as popup.

7. Message Delivery Info

If you had sent a message to an individual chat and you want to check when the message was delivered and when it read by the receiver then you can do it. Long press on your message and Click on eye icon. Have you got the info ?

If you had leave a message in a WhatsApp group and you want to check whom to your message is delivered and by whom it read ? Here is also the same process. Go to group -> Long press on your message -> Click on eye icon.

8. Doodle Photos

Want to send an Emoji adding with an image, just do it. Click on gallery in WhatsApp -> Choose an image -> Click on smiley face -> Select an Emoji and set it where you want.

9. Email Chat

By using this feature you can send an individual chat history by email to anyone without media files (photos, videos, audios) and with media files.
Open a chat -> Click on options icon -> More -> Email Chat -> Select with media or without media -> Enter email address whom to send whole chat conversation -> Send.

10. End to End Encryption

By using this feature of WhatsApp you can keep your personal chat secure even from the reach of WhatsApp. This process needs two mobiles whose chat history we want to keep secure: -

In First Mobile
Open a chat -> click on chat name/number -> Encryption (Have you got a QR code ?)

In Second Mobile
Open a chat -> click on chat name/number -> Encryption -> Scan code (Scan the QR code of first mobile)

11. Hide/Show Personal Seen

In WhatsApp you can set privacy on your personal information like Last seen, Profile photo, About, Status. These information can be hide/show to everyone, nobody & contacts only. Do it in this way : -
Open your Chat list -> Click on Options icon -> Settings -> Privacy -> (Set privacy on Last seen, Profile photo, About or Status by choosing one of Everyone, Nobody or Contacts.

12. Show/Hide media files

You can show or hide the media files downloaded from WhatsApp by renaming the folder name. Follow the steps to do it : -
Go to File manager -> WhatsApp Folder -> Media -> WhatsApp Images -> Long press 'WhatsApp Images' folder -> Click on 'More' -> Rename -> Just add (.) before the name of folder -> Rename.
See the example : -
.WhatsApp Images

Do the same with all folders whose media files you want to be disappeared from your Phone Gallery.

To show media files again in your Phone Gallery remove that dot/point before the name of folder.

13. Hide name whom you are chatting with

If you are chatting with someone on WhatsApp and there is someone with you and you don't want to show the name whom you are chatting with. So you can do it : -
Open the chat whom you are chatting with -> Long press on a message sent or received by you -> (Is there any name on the top ?)

After long press on a message once, you can continue your chatting without showing the name.

14. Hide chat on Locked Screen

If your WhatsApp messages show on locked screen and you don't want to be shown them on locked screen, you can do it : -
Go to your Phone Settings -> Applications -> WhatsApp - Uncheck the box 'Show notifications'

15. Image Changer

There is an app on PlayStore namely 'Image Preview Changer' that is used only for fun. When you will share a photo of an actress from this app and it will be changed to a donkey or any other thing ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜

16. Stop media auto download

If you have number of WhatsApp contacts and you receive lots of media files those download automatically and you don't want the same. Just do it to that : -
Go to WhatsApp -> Settings -> Data usage -> When using mobile data -> Uncheck all boxes to stop auto download media files.

If you want that when you are connected on Wi-Fi your WhatsApp media files should be downloaded automatically then you can click on 'When connected on Wi-Fi' that is below to 'When using mobile data' and check all boxes.

To allow/disallow auto download media files on mobile data/Wi-Fi you can keep the media boxes checked/unchecked.

17. Pin your personal chat

By using this feature of WhatsApp you can keep your personal chats on the top of chat list. To do it click on an individual chat and click on pin icon. The pinned chat will be shown on the top.

18. Reply in Group (Quote message)

If you are in a group and one of the group members asked something and you want to reply him in the group then long press on his message and click on left side arrow and reply him. Your message will be sent with that message which you are replying.

19. Send GIF

Suppose you have no GIF images in your phone, still you can send GIF images on WhatsApp. Do it in this way : -
Click on a chat -> Click on file icon -> Gallery -> Pick a video -> Crop the video of 6 seconds -> (Are you seeing a GIF option next to Video icon ?) Click on GIF -> Send.

20. Send full length video

When you send a long video on WhatsApp, it shows you the limit how much long video you can send on WhatsApp. It's mean you are not able to send a full length video but you do it successfully if you send a video by clicking on Camera icon and send video.
Another way to send full length video in WhatsApp -> Go to your Phone Gallery -> Click on the video -> Click on share -> Click on WhatsApp -> Send.

21. Tag people in Group

One thing I have already told you how to personally chat in group ? It's possible by Quote message and now I am telling you another method. Just type @ in the group and wait for few seconds until you see the list of all group members. Click on a member's name or number to tag him with your message. In this way that message will be considered only for the tagged members.

22. Text formatting

It's an amazing and trending feature of WhatsApp by which you can send a message in different type of styles. See the some text formatting example here :

~Cut Text~

If you want more text formats download an app from PlayStore namely 'Font Lyrics' and type your message, copy message from any text format and paste it in WhatsApp.

23. Text Repeater

It is used only for the purpose of entertainment. If you want to send a long message to entertain with someone you will have to download an app from PlayStore namely 'WhatsApp Bubble'. Type a message in WhatsApp Bubble and set the frequency of the message and send.

24. Two-step verification

When we create a WhatsApp account we have to verify our mobile number. If you set two-step verification on your WhatsApp then nobody will be able to create a WhatsApp account with your number. To activate two-step verification on your WhatsApp follow my instructions : -
Open WhatsApp -> Click on Options icon -> Settings -> Account -> Two-step verification -> Enable -> (Enter a 6-digit pin for the first verification and remember that) -> retype the pin (Confirm pin) -> Enter an email for the second verification -> Verify email -> Save.

25. Unblock yourself

If someone has blocked you, so don't worry I am going to tell you a trick by which you can unblock yourself in a few minutes. But it will delete you from all WhatsApp groups those you are joined now. Do it in this way : -
Open WhatsApp -> Settings -> Account -> Delete my account -> Enter your phone number -> Delete my account.

After completing all the above steps :-
* Account will be deleted
* Message history will be erased
* You will be deleted from all joined WhatsApp groups and contacts.

26. Starred Messages

By using this feature you can keep important messages separate from chats. To do it long press (select) the messages you want to starred and then click on star icon. Now, probably you will think that don't know where are starred messages. To get starred messages open WhatsApp and click on more icon, now click on Starred messages. Have you gotten all the starred messages.

27. WhatsApp Web

It shows a QR code that you can scan to use the same WhatsApp account in two phones. Maybe someone has scanned your QR code and using your account in his device. So, you can log out your account from all devices. To do it open your WhatsApp -> Click on Options icon -> WhatsApp Web -> Log out from all computers.

28. Fake WhatsApp Chat

This app is for doing prank with your friends but some people use it and tell so much lies.By the way, download this app from PlayStore namely 'Fake Chat Conversation' and then follow my instructions : -
Open Fake Chat Conversation -> Click (+) sign -> New fake chat -> Enter your friend's name and add his profile pic -> Choose any last seen -> Save changes.

After completing above mentioned steps you can start fake chat. When you will have typed the message you will see two buttons incomming and outgoing. If you click left button it will be shown as received message and right button will show sent message.

29. Make group admin

If you have your own WhatsApp group and you want to make someone group admin along with you. You can do it in this way :-
Open the group -> Click on group name -> Long on the member's name/number whom you want to make admin -> Make group admin.

30. Clear chat

Suppose you a WhatsApp group and there is no beneficial message and you don't want to exit the group. So, you can clear whole chat history of the group. To do it Open the group -> Click on More icon -> More -> Clear chat.

Have you liked the tips ? Let me know in the comments. Feel free to ask me about any queries or suggestions. I'll be happy to help you. Thank You

Monday, 9 October 2017

Thunkable: How to create own app for free and make money
Hello friends !
   Nowadays lots of people are trying to get success in the world of online work but they lose their hope when can't get approval from the Advertisement Networks. Therefore people join this world with the great pleasure but unfortunately 30-40% people leave it considering it a toil or long time process to earn some money. It's obviously true that nobody can be rich in this world within some days, it takes some time to reach you on a level. All the bloggers and others too know that in the world of online work Google Adsense is the best but getting an approved account is so much hard of it. Today I am going to tell you about an another service of Google by which everyone can make money from the Google Ads. Its approval is fast & quick and making money starts from the same day. Isn't it a good way to earn ?

Create App

You will earn definitely earn from Google Ads but I am not talking about Google Adsense, it's AdMob that is another service of Google that serves Google Ads on the applications (apk file). So, as you have known that this service is available to work on the apps created by app developers. There are many sites those allow apps developing in both mode free and paid. The method I'll be sharing with you is always free.

How to create an App with Thunkable ? is a website that allows to create apps at no cost and it works on both Phone and PC that's good for Android users. If you open then you will create your app successfully but can't place AdMob Ads because there will be no option to place Ads. Lots of users face this problem and ask on the website and their friends, they got different-different answers but I will share my working experience with you. You have to open the beta version of this site that is and you will see the same interface and then start creating an app by clicking Create New App.

Steps to create new app  :-
* Create New App
* App Name
* Click on App Name
* Uncheck Title visible option
* Drag the buttons to the mobile screen showing on the webpage
* Customize buttons as you wish using properties
* Click any button in the mobile screen showing on the webpage
* Add screen and rename if you want
* Drag image option using User interface
* Upload image file
* Click on Blocks
* Click on Button 1
* Click on when button 1 click
* Click on control
* Put up open another screen and join with when button1 click
* Click on Text
* Click the topmost icon and set with open with another screen, name that screen that you added
* Click on Experimental
* Click on AdMob Banner or AdMob Interstitial
* Enter/Paste Ad unit ID that you generated
* Click on Export
* App (save apk to my computer)
Install it and then use how it looks like and make sure Ads are showing or not.

If you didn't understand it all properly you will see a video link here shortly so that you can do all things rightly.

Always keep in mind you can share or upload your app anywhere to make money but cannot click your own Ads otherwise your account maybe disable or suspend. I would like to suggest you that don't cheat Google using VPNs because Google is not that what you estimate. Google can detect your every activity whether you are a hacker because that is the father of hackers. Search anyone in your community who earned and got payment from Google using tricks, hope that you can't find. You will be get paid for every click but maintain the CTR that should not cross 10%. When you will earn $10 you will be sent a pin verification letter to your registered address and after reaching the payment threshold that is $100 you can ask for payment via wire-transfer or cheque. Google says to ask for the payment after 22 of every month. You will definitely get money if you earned honestly.

Hope it helped you, let me know your experience, queries and suggestions in the comments. Take Care of yourself

How to be an app developer and how app developers work
It's not easy for everyone to create a professional app because it needs coding that you will have to learn in a college or institution. Many colleges offer such courses by learning them you can create any kind of Game and Application. When you will successfully passed the examination of that course you'll be said a software engineer or app developer. At present there is huge demand of software engineers in rich countries like USA, UK, Japan etc.

Professional app

One who has money at present is pursuing such courses from abroad to be a successful Software Engineer with reputed degrees. If someone thinks that creating an app is easy, he need to change his mindset because it maybe easy for app developers but it needs so much efforts with concentration. Sometimes app developers have to face some kind of mental diseases that can make him mad.

Kinds of Apps

Apps are classified according to the device on that they can be operated properly. For example number of apps/games can't be operated in an Android Phone, do you know why ? Because that application is not compatible to Android Devices, so that maybe compatible to other devices. Therefore apps are different-different types like : -
* PC apps/game
* Android apps/game
* iOS apps/game
* Windows apps/game
* iPhone apps/game

App Developers basically create apps with Android Studio that works on the Computer not on any phone.
One who creates app with Android Studio need to learn HTML/JavaScript and CSS otherwise it's not possible to create an app using Android Studio. But many many app developers have a YouTube channel and they create app showing whole screen and method and sometimes they provide the whole script needed to develop an app in the description or any blog they created. Using the same code and changing appropriate words others who aren't app developers are making apps and uploading them on Google Play (PlayStore). PC apps & games are created on another sites those are mostly paid.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Earn better with Infolinks by monetizing your site
Making money online has become a great passion of people those have known its importance and prepared themselves for this. The major reason behind it is the competition between companies and websites. Companies and webmasters are spending a lot of money to grow their business or product services as Advertisement. When someone think of making money online first and the best name come to our minds is Google Adsense that is Google's Contextual Advertisement Program which pays handsome income for showing Advertisements on a blog or website. It is a PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Network. Webmasters are paid for every click along with Pageviews and Ad impressions. But getting an approved Adsense Account is very hard nowadays for some of the countries. 

Infolinks (Text-Adverisement)

Infolinks is also an Advertisement Network like Google Adsense and getting its approval is easier than Google Adsense. But they have also some Terms & conditions for the approval but not strict like Adsense. You will get Infolinks Approval if your site comply to Infolinks Policy. Your site must have -
● Original/Unique content
● Enough Text/Posts
● Good Looking Template
● Completely done
● Working Links
● Pages -
   * About
   * Contact us
   * Privacy Policy
   * Disclaimer

If your site comply all these terms so you can apply today and they will review your site thoroughly. You will get an Email within two days that your site gets approval or not. I'd like to say you "Congrats !" if you get approved by Infolinks team. Sign in to your Infolinks account and pick up the Ad units and place them into your blog. If they refuse your site because of any reasons then improve that and reapply for the approval.
A few years ago Infolinks offered only  Text-Adverisements to its publishers but after Infolinks updated some new features in that Infolinks offered Image Ads, pop up ads and different colorized text ads that can be customize using given options.

Earnings from Infolinks

I have talked to some of the Bloggers who are earning from Infolinks more than Adsense. When I asked them how much can I earn with Infolinks ? Their reply was almost the same, "Your revenue depends on the traffic your site receives." Traffic is the key to make a site success in making money. After few days I will upload Earning proof screenshot of Infolinks that you may motivate for joining.

Add multiple sites in Infolinks

You can add multiple sites with an account but every site must be approved separately. Wait for the approval and after getting approval you can pick up the code and place that instantly into your site. Its not necessary to have multiple sites because if you have a site that has number of visitors/traffic then you can earn hundreds of dollars from single site. Join it today and watch the magic.

Hope that you liked this article about Infolinks. If any question & query comes in your mind feel free to me via comment box or contact form, I'll be happy to help you. Thank You