Friday, 18 August 2017

Android Safety Apps to keep data safe forever
According to a report it is found that every third person has a smartphone who is elder than 10 years. And why it wouldn't be, while whole the world has come into a Phone. In lots of cases someone delete/remove the very important data in absence of the phone owner because of enemity and to have fun with him. Sometimes anyone can try to steal your personal or important data that you don't want to share with others. Secret thing should be secret otherwise it's end is better than reach another one.
To keep your phone safe you must try these apps so that nobody could see or steal your important data that you don't want to share anybody else. You can use these apps easily but if you face problem you can read my instructions. So without wasting anymore time let's begin with the first app that can help us to keep our data safe.

1.  Gesture Lock Screen

This is the most preferred app being used on numerous phones to lock the screen. In this app you have to draw anything you want but whatever you will draw shouldn't be straight line, because it won't be accepted by the app. Let me explain its all options so that you could use it easily.
Enable lock screen
This option shows a box to check or unckeck. Tick the box to enable the app or leave it unckeck to disable it.
This option shows how will your phone screen look like. You will have to draw your lock to exit the preview.
Enable gesture
This option also shows a box to check or unckeck. Tick the box to enable the gesture that you have drawn or leave it unckeck to disable the gesture.
Change gesture
Under this option you can change the gesture if want to apply another one. First of all you will have to draw the current gesture and after that draw a new one two times. Second time is asked for the confirmation.
Change recovery password
When you apply a gesture it asks a pin by which you can unlock the phone in case of forgotten the gesture. So here you can change also recovery password.
Show keypad icon
You can see a checkbox in front of this option, if you tick/check it then you will see a keypad icon when you drew a wrong gesture. It suggest you that if you are unable to unlock via gesture so you can try the pin. If you always want to unlock via gesture so you should leave it unchecked.
Gesture color
Using this option you can show the gesture in which color you want to draw. In case of same background and gesture color, you can't see the gesture properly. So select the color after watching the background you selected for the screen.
Show gesture on lock screen
This option has a checkbox, checked box means you agree to show the gesture when you will draw. Keeping this checkbox will not show the gesture that you will draw to unlock. It will be better to leave it blank.
Show notification
If there is an update or any issue with the app it will be shown on the top in notification bar when you checked it. It's better to leave it unchecked.
Locker wallpaper
Under this option you can choose one of default wallpapers or you can set a custom wallpaper from your gallery.
Screen item editor
By using option you can select the thing you would like to show on locked screen. These items maybe date & time, message and battery.
Unlock animation
There are four option to choose one of them,  select any animation which you like the most. Select 'None' if don't like any animation.
The last option in which you can set various type of sounds for enable lock, Lock sound, unlock sound and error sound.
Hope that this app will help you to keep your phone safe.
Download Gesture Lock Screen

Monday, 14 August 2017

YouMe Messenger faster than WhatsApp

What is YouMe & why to Download it ?

YouMe is an Android application that is used for chatting, sending and receiving Photos, videos and documents like WhatsApp and facebook messenger. This app is faster than WhatsApp and facebook messenger. You can't get this App from PlayStore so you can Download it from the link given below.

How YouMe app works ?
As you know that if someone doesn't have your contact number on his phone or you don't have then it's impossible to be connected with him like WhatsApp. So, let's know what to do to start this app to connect with people : -
First of all you will have to enter your Mobile number after few seconds you will get an OTP on your Phone enter it, if the app doesn't detect the code automatically. Then enter your name and add an image as your Profile Pic.
Download YouMe Messenger

What to do next ?
Now you have completed all the steps required to get started. Share this with your friends and enjoy uninterrupted chatting, sending and receiving Photos and videos.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Independence Day 2017 - 15th August

Independence Day

Independence Day is India's national festival celebrated every year on the 15th August. On the 15th August 1947 India got freedom from the British rule. India was under slavery of British rule for 200 years. India was a very famous and significant country at that time. Lots of countries were wishing to making business contact with India, they fought each other for this. Lastly British was one and only country that was availing of its efforts. They robbed India and behave crucially with our people. Many freedom fighters emerged like - Bhagat Singh, Chndrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqulla Khan, Nana Sahab, Laxmi Bai, Subhash chandra bos and so on they told the people how can we get Independence from the British rule. Lots of people have to lost their previous lives for the country and its people. If they think of the next generation then we were still slaves of British. So it's necessary to remind there sacrifice, so that nobody could think of ruling our country again.
In leadership of Gandhi Ji India became Independent and slowly-slowly it started to run towards the development. Today India is known as a great nation among the Super Powers of the world. India has made good relationship with lots of well developed and developing countries. 
Images for the day : -

Jai Hind
Jai Bharat

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Top 10 Biggest Mobile Companies 2017
Nowadays all Mobile Companies are reducing their mobile prices to increase their marketplace. New mobile phones are launching continuously those are playing a good role in reducing prices of old mobiles. 
As all of you know that China is the biggest producer of lots of products but India has banned its products in India because of some border strategies. It may affect on Chinese GDP and its production. I'm giving you a current list of Top 10 Biggest Mobile Companies. It maybe different according to other websites but as far as I found in my facebook survey I got the list like this : -

(1) Samsung: The South Korean company in the world with 21 percent share in the smartphone market is set to first place.
(2) Apple: This is American company that has launched very smart and expensive phones. Its phones are very costly, so it couldn't sell it's much more products. It has set to second place.
(3) Huawei: Share of Huawai of the global smartphone company in China peaked number three. Its mobiles are becoming popular day by day and increasing its marketplace.
(4) OPPO: Top 5 in the second Chinese company Oppo with 7.1 percent share of the global smartphone market in the third Oppo. Oppo where Lenovo overtaken fourth place.
(5) Vivo: Vivo is a famous Chinese Smartphone Company, who beat out Xiaomi and achieved the fifth position. In the third quarter share of 5.9 percent. Vivo is considered most famous and smart mobile in all.
(6) OnePlus: OnePlus is the Chinese company. The company lastly launched a very nice looking phone with affordable prices.
(7) Xiaomi: It is now taking big steps for expanding their company to deliver best services as there are many expectations.
(8) Lenovo: Lenovo smart phones are good enough and people love those, so they deserve position in the top 10 Chinese best smartphone brands.
(9) LG: The LG mobiles are among the most loved gadgets. It deserves to be counted in top 10 companies. It is ranked 9th in the list of Top 10.
(10) Sony: Sony is ranked tenth in the list.
Hope that there is no doubt in this list because you know that which mobile company is holding the market's largest share. If you think of any change in the list then you can tell me in the comments, so that I could improve it. But as far as I think there is nothing to change in this list.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How to save Internet Data - Recycle data

Telecom war game

Nowadays people are availing of cheap plans launched by telecom companies. In this time nobody has shortage of data because every telecom company is providing 1GB data per day at the recharge of ₹ 300+ and this plan works till 3 months. So everyone enjoying this struggle among the companies because they are getting cheap plans for 4G data.
In all of the companies Jio is still on the Top because its Services are fast and uninterrupted no extra charges it applies. Other companies are copying Jio but they are failed to reach the height that Jio has reached. If I count the top 4 telecom companies in descending order then here is the list -
1.  Jio
2.  Airtel
3. !dea
4. Vodafone
Note : It maybe different according to another website but as far as I found it's true.
Save Data
As the telecom companies are giving 1GB data per day if you want to save some of MBs you can save by using DataBack application that refunds you some of used data. You will have to register a Cell Phone number on this app on which you will recharge that data. This application also offers you ₹ 10 recharge for completing a task. If you refer it someone you get 50 MB data on your app. Recharge starts from 150 MB.
 Save Data on WhatsApp
To save your data by another method is changing your WhatsApp Settings because WhatsApp waste our a huge amount of data without our permission.
So follow the steps as I say : -
● Go WhatsApp
● Tap on three dots on right top
● Tap on Settings
● Tap on Data Usage
Now you will see Media auto download section, under this section there are two 'When using mobile data' and 'When connected on Wi-Fi'. You have have to click on 'When using mobile data' and uncheck all boxes. Now tap on OK. Again click on 'When connected on Wi-Fi' check the boxes that media file you want to be downloaded on Wi-Fi connection. You may also uncheck all boxes here. In this way you can save your a big part of Internet Data.

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