Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Create Task App with Thunkable using Project file | Fast Earning Method
Hello guys !
   I'm back with the second tutorial of Thunkable. If you have read our previous post you may have known that How to open beta version of Thunkable site and how to create create an app using the tools of the site. Thunkable site allows to create apps free of cost. There are lots of sites & apps by which you can create your own apps without any investment but every site doesn't allow to implement AdMob Ads free of cost, they charge a fee of allowing it. You will find a post published on this site about creating apps with Appsgeyser that is also a free site to create amazing apps and it also allows to implement AdMob Ads but one thing because of that users don't preferred this site to create apps is that Partnership of the Earnings. Appsgeyser takes a fixed percentage of our earnings because it is cleared by the site privacy policy. Thunkable site doesn't treat like Appsgeyser that's why it is the best for users.

Thunkable aia file

Today I'll be telling you that How can you create your app with Thunkable site without any investment using a project file. The project file of Thunkable apps is always in AIA format e.g. PaytmCash.aia
I assure you that if you work honestly or smartly you will definitely get paid by Google. If you want to see first that which kind of app you are going to create here is a demo app Click Here to view it.

Thunkable project file

Create app using Project File
When you will have successfully opened the Beta version of Thunkable site then Sign in with your Google Account and then follow these steps : -
● Look for the option 'Apps' and click on that.
● Click on Upload project file
● Choose file
( Select aia project file )
● Click on OK
( Wait until file uploads and stay for a while )
● Now replace your AdMob Banner Ads & Interstitial Ads with the existing Ads on Screen1
● Open Screen2 and replace Ads
( Do the same on every Screen )
{ Well-done, you have completed all the steps and it's time to Save & Install your App }
● Look for the option 'Export' and click on that
● Click on Save App
( Let the app to be saved, don't click anywhere until saving process complete )
➡ A pop up window will be shown automatically when the app successfully saved, you have to click the top option  (This device / This Computer) to start downloading your app.

Thunkable earning trick

๐ŸŽ Congratulations !
    Install the app now and start making money from Google. When your Balance earning reached to US$10.00 or more then Add your payment method and Address in your Adsense account. When you will have successfully completed the payment threshold that is US$100.00 you will be paid in your Bank account.

Want to purchase my Project File ??
If you want to purchase my Project File it will cost you Rs 100 only and if you want an app created by me for you it will cost you Rs 300 only. It can help you to make a huge amount of money just in a month. It needs no educational qualification because an illiterate can also work on it.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to Bypass Google Account Verification in Any Android phone | Unlock FRP Lock
Hello Smartphone users !
  Today I'll be talking about a trick that can help you to unlock your Android phone when that is asking to verify your Google Account. Actually this problem comes when you restore/reset your Android device. If you don't know its solution you will have to visit a mobile repairing shop where you will have to pay for it. Normally they ask for Rs 100-150 to unlock your phone. By learning this trick you will get 3 benefits : -

● You learnt something new & good
● Save your money
● Earn money when you unlock someone's phone

Bypass Google Account Verification or FRP Lock

Why to verify Google Account to unlock phone ?
According to a report more 70% android users have their own Gmail ID that can be called as Google Account. Less educated or uneducated people has to keep a temporary email ID to Download apps and games from PlayStore or to play Adult videos on YouTube or other websites. They don't remember ID nor password. Sometimes android users feel so terrible operating their phone or they forget the Pattern / PIN/ Password to unlock the phone screen. In the same cases users have to reset / restore their phones to be continued with uninterrupted operating. If you were signed in when you restored your phone you may have to provide credentials of your google account. And the most terrible thing is that you can't skip this step without using my trick because the device becomes unavailable for use if someone performed Factory Reset and doesn't have account information (Credentials) that was lastly logged on the phone.

Let's say you have lost your Android phone and someone found that. That person won't be able to operate the phone if you have set up a Password/PIN/Pattern on the screen. But, lots of people have known bypassing it by just Factory Resetting the phone.

It may impact users who bought the phone from a third party and latter can't be contacted with the seller. User won't be able to get pass the screen where the phone is showing the step to verify Google Account.

Latter, Google introduced a new feature that is called Google Account Verification or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) that doesn't allow a user to go ahead until the pre-signed in  google account verified.

Bypass FRP Lock 

#Switch On your device and press next      icon
#Connect to a Wi-Fi
   Press back
#Put your two fingers left and right to        the next icon until TalkBack window open
#Click on Exit once and again twice
#Draw a gesture like  L
#Click on TalkBack Settings
#Scroll down with two fingers
#Uncheck the box Explore by touch
#Scroll down
#Click on Privacy policy
#Click on Chrome (Recommended)
#Search www.infobyak.com
#Scroll down
#Download and Install Google account manager and click on Done
#Download and Install account Bypass FRP and open it
#Click on 3 dots (More option icon)
#Click browser sign in
#Log in with any account that you              remember with Password
#Reconnect to Wi-Fi
#Click back again and again until you        reach the last Window (Welcome              window)
#Press Next ➡
#Now you wouldn't be asked for any          Verification

If you still having any trouble performing above mentioned steps let me know in comments so that I can give you a quick reply.

Friday, 3 November 2017

CPAlead : The best CPA Affiliate Network to make money online
CPAlead is a very good Advertisement Network that pays its affiliates on promoting the products, offers and services on your social networks or blog. It offers instant approval so that you can start at the same time.

The Best CPA Network

CPA stands for 'Cost Per Action' that means you will be paid on every action not only click. One thing in this network you may like is offering both kinds of offers Incentive offers and non-incentive offers, that's good to generate more and more income. You have many opportunities to earn in this network. If you spend some hours only daily for this you can earn $10-$50 per day. Many people are earning more than $100 per day who works more time. You can earn significant sums from this even you have not any blog/website. You have another option promoting their offers on your Social Media.

How to earn from CPAlead ?

There are various options to generate income working with CPAlead that you can use very easily. CPAlead offers high payout depends on the time you spend working on it. You will be paid per :-
#1    Sign up
#2    Survey completion
#3    Application installation
#4    Product sale

You can choose all of above methods to earn more. These options are for both who have a site or not. Sometimes you or your visitors might be shown written 'Click here to get a free Recharge'; if someone click it and complete the offer you get paid.

Monetization Tools of CPAlead

Here are some monetization tools that you can try to increase your revenue from CPAlead.

#1    Banner tool
#2    Download widget
#3    Link locker
#4    Content locker
#5    File locker
#6    Exit traffic tool

CPA Monetization Tools for bloggers

There are some special tools by using them you can earn an awesome sums per day. It's good for publishers who have a blog or website by which they will attract their visitors and earn good.

#1    Affiliate Products

CPAlead allows you to create a product link that you can share on your blog/website or Social Networks. When someone will click on the link and purchase anything you get paid.

#2    Display Ads

CPAlead offers displaying ads on the blog or website by which publishers can earn better. There are common types of Ads like Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Native Ads & Pop-up Ads that you can customize as you wish. If someone clicks an Ad and download application you get paid in your account.

#3    CPA offers

CPAlead has number of PPC/PPV optimized and exclusive offers at different-different payouts for media buying publishers. It helps to earn very nice revenue to the publishers.

How to promote CPAlead offers ?

There are many ways by which you can promote CPAlead offers. You can share links on your Social accounts, Blog post, YouTube description. There are many websites those offer free Ad posting, you can post the offer on them. Some websites are OLX, Quicker, ClickIndia, 99localsearch, Amarujala and so on.

CPAlead payment methods and minimum payout criteria

As you have known that CPAlead offers hight payout per action, so that's no far to reach the payment threshold because the minimum payout is $10 if you receive payment by PayPal account. It's very easy to reach the payment threshold that you can achieve after 2-3 successful promotion. It has some more payment methods with different-different payouts.
◆ Cheque by mail : -  $20
◆ Wire-transfer   : -  $50
◆ Payoneer           : -  $25
◆ Bitcoin               : -  $20

Hope that you liked this post, so let more people know about it by sharing them on facebook or WhatsApp so that they can earn like you. If you feel anything out of depth ask me via comment, I'll reply as soon as possible.  Thank You

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why and how to link aadhaar card with mobile number [ Detailed information ]
Hello friends,
   Most welcome to InfoByAK, today I will be covering a trending topic that might be so much helpful to you or your relatives. Recently The Supreme Court has ordered to link aadhaar with mobile numbers. If you don't do so by 6th February 2018 then your mobile number services might be stopped. Government wants each and everything to be linked with aadhaar while it's your Bank Account, PAN card, Insurance, Licence, Marksheet anything you have.

Aadhaar linking with phone number

Why to link aadhaar with mobile number ?

Nowadays it has become necessary to link aadhaar with mobile numbers to stop the crime and fake use of others ID's in India. Before now people had access to get a mobile number giving someone's ID because of that lots of criminal cases and fake activities came in light. But now it is not possible to get a SIM card by submitting other's documents because Aadhaar eKYC is necessary that needs your thumb impression. If you have already a SIM that you don't want to be closed so you need to visit the nearest retailer and complete your eKYC process.

Aadhaar link with SIM

How to link aadhaar with SIM ?

You have three methods to link your aadhaar with your SIM card, try whichever is easy for you. First method is to go to the Retailer Shop who has eKYC machine. At the Retailer Shop you will be asked your Aadhaar number, mobile number and your thumb impression. You will receive a message in that you are intimated that your Aadhaar has been Successfully linked with your phone number.

Second method is to go to Aadhaar Enrollment Centre where you will have to fill a correction form and submit it providing your updated details.

Third and last method is easiest of all by using that you can link your aadhaar with your phone number yourself. Just follow the steps to complete it : -
#1  First of all go the Official website of Aadhaar
#2  Click on Verify email or phone number
#3  Enter your aadhaar number, email ID (optional), mobile number, security code

Aadhaar linking with SiM card number

#4  Click on Get One Time Password
( You will receive an OTP on your phone )
#5  Enter received OTP
#6  Click on Validate & Download

That's it. Now you will receive an SMS again on your phone in which you will be informed that your aadhaar has been linked with your phone number.

Hope that this article is helpful and important to you. Share it as much as you can so that everyone can know about it. Feel free to ask me your queries. Thank You

Sunday, 22 October 2017

How to Join Amazon Associates Program and make money making sales
There are lots of opportunities to many money on the web from home but everyone doesn't know about them. As you that at present we are able to order and get anything at home without doing any hard work, you just need money to invest and a Phone/PC to order anything like - Gadgets, Garments, Tools, Books etc. These items are sold by E-commerce companies

What is E-commerce company ?
E-commerce company is a company that deals in products or services online without direct interaction. E-commerce company doesn't make products, it sells the products of various companies and gets commission on every successful sale. E-commerce company deals with the productive company and promote the products and services on its website. You must have heard the name of some E-commerce companies like - Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Commission Junction (CJ), Naaptol, eBay etc.

How to join Amazon Associate Program ?

Today I'll be talking on Amazon that is surely the top E-commerce company sells millions of products and services. Amazon offers its Associate Program by which publishers can make smart income  from home promoting Amazon products on Social Networks, Blog, YouTube channel. First of all we need to how to become Amazon Associate. Follow the instructions and join it successfully : -

#1  Search 'Amazon Associates' or open this URL http://affiliate-program.amazon.in/ and click on 'Join Now for free' and register with your Email ID and preferred password.

#2  Now fill your account information like Name, Address, Phone number and let other options as you are seeing below.

#3  Where you're seeing written Enter your website(s)* you can write/paste the link of your facebook page/YouTube channel/Blog/Website there.

#4  Write your preferred Associates Store ID (You may consist your name, it'll be yours if available). Write the description of your site/page/channel in about 100 words under the box What are your websites or mobile apps about?*

#5  Select primary & secondary topic that describe your site/page/channel. Select all boxes to intend all items to be listed on your site/channel/page. Select primary and secondary type for your site that describe the best. Give details how you drive traffic to your site/page/channel. Type characters you're seeing in the image to verify that you're a human not a robot. Accept the terms & conditions of Contract Terms.

#6  Now you'll see a Congrats ! notification from the side of Amazon Company in you are informed to be active with your Associate account. If you don't refer a sale within 6 months your account will be closed. See that notification below.

Now, it remains the last one step that you can fill anytime before or after making Amazon sales in that you have to fill your PAN card details. Providing PAN card details are necessary to get payments.

How to refer Amazon sales ?

To make sales log in to your Associate account and follow the instructions as given below.

Product Linking -> Product Links -> (Search any product you want to sale) ->  Get link -> (Copy the HTML code and paste on your site Or click on Shorten URL with amzn.to? -> (Copy the link) -> (Paste it on your Blog/Website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and other Social Networks.

You will get commission on every sale from Amazon. The commission is paid in percent according to the product. You can see your earnings on the home page of your Associate account like this image.

Hope you have understood all about Amazon Associates Program and wish you happy earning. If you have any queries or suggestions, let me know in the comments; I'll be happy to reply you. Thank You